Valentines for Your Littlest Valentines

Valentines Day is right around the corner!

As my four and a half year old daughter Story gets older I love having fun celebrating smaller holidays with her in little, memorable ways. It could be as simple as buying a sheet or a few sheets of holiday themed window clings from the Dollar Spot at Target and decorating our bathroom mirrors ($1/sheet), but it’s important to me we celebrate the little things together.

This year, now that we’re expecting another little one I wanted to make Valentine’s Day a little extra special for Story to remind her of how important she is and still will be once the baby comes along later this year.

I asked some friends how they make Valentine’s Day special for their littles without going overboard because, let’s face it, Easter is also right around the corner. Many friends agreed they tend to save larger gifts for Easter and instead prefer little reminders and family activities centering around love and kindness for Heart Day.With Valentine’s Day only a week away, I decided to spend a morning in my Happy Place (aka Target) gathering ideas for inexpensive ways to show our littles they’re extra special and extra loved on Valentine’s Day.

Acts of Love & Kindness

Don’t want to give an obvious monetary gift? Here are some ideas that incorporate Acts of Kindness to try out!

Heart shaped or mini waffles for breakfast (and/or Breakfast for Dinner)

I found this DASH blush pink mini waffle maker at Target in the Home section for $9.99. It would make the cutest mini waffles and if your child is a little older they could even help make them with you or you could team up together to make them for your partner. Add berries and fun shapes with whipped cream and you’re all set for an inexpensive but memorable meal together.

Not great in the kitchen? No worries! I haven’t found a person alive who detests Little Debbie’s Be My Valentine snack cakes ($2 for a box of 10 snack cakes).

Love notes on their door

I was so happy Target restocked their heart shaped chalkboard shapes ($1 for a pack of 5) they had in their Dollar Deals last Valentine’s Day. I ended up using all of mine from last year for various crafts around the house and as labels for food at Story’s birthday party last summer. But these or any other heart shaped or regular notes would be adorable to stick on your children’s doors overnight with reminders of how special and loved they are so they have positive affirmations to wake up to.If you don’t think you can keep up with nightly or daily love notes, opt for a simple, seasonal decoration on your child’s door. Story loves changing out the wreaths or decorations hanging on her door with each holiday. Many of Target’s Dollar Spot decorations like the gold sequin XO, purple and pink hearts, wooden heart, and Be Mine garland pictured here, are $3 and under each!

I Heart You and Here’s Why Book

This book was $6.99 at Target (on an endcap with Valentine’s Day mugs in the Home section) and for an older child who can read, I think this is such a truly thoughtful idea. The pages are beautifully filled with quotes about love but also have spaces to write in notes like, “A song that always reminds me of you is:” and “I can’t get enough of your:”Even if your child isn’t old enough to read yet, you might consider filling out this book and reading it to them, or filling it out and simply putting it away until they’re older. (PS Take note, husbands! I’m pretty sure any of your wives would be over the moon to receive such a thoughtful gift from you, filled out with lots of compliments of course!)

Bath bombs!

My absolute favorite bath bombs (which I post frequently on my Instagram about) are Da Bomb Fizzers which Target sells for $4.99 each (in the bath items section and also online). Da Bomb Fizzers always has fun seasonal bath bombs in yummy scents. We’ve enjoyed collecting fall leaf charms from their autumn collection and Christmas decoration charms from inside their Christmas bath bombs. And I LOVE their tiny donut keychains and necklaces from their Cake Bombs. I was so excited to see Da Bomb Fizzers now has Valentine’s Day themed Love Bombs, Hug Bombs, and Kiss Bombs. My daughter and I still often takes baths together and I love how excited she gets when I bring home new bath bombs to try out. We both get to relax, spend some time together, and enjoy the bath bomb, as well as get excited over the mystery of what kind of little prize or token will be inside.

Craft Time

There were several craft kits and ideas found throughout Target, in the Dollar Deals, Stationary, and seasonal aisles. You could build and decorate a Valentine mailbox together, or stick heart stickers onto a small DIY wreath together. My fave craft I found was the DIY Pom Pictures craft which was $3 in the Dollar Deals. My Target had two options: emojis and conversation hearts. I chose emojis because Story loves them and can’t read yet to appreciate the conversation heart craft. With this craft there are two emojis with sticker faces. Simply peel off the adhesive backing and stick the pom poms on to the sticky part to create a picture together.

Other fun ideas from the Dollar Deals were an Acrylic Tic Tac Toe game with hearts and O’s ($3); a conversation heart Art Felt-folio which consisted of an envelope pouch with handles, a sketch pad, and crayons ($3); and Spritz Heart Chalk ($2.99 in the Stationary section) which would be fun for drawing love notes on the sidewalk together.

Not feeling crafty?

Try small inexpensive non-candy items such as lip balm (Story adores the chubby EOS lip balms), fun colored or designed Band Aids; a fun pencil case (like the conversation hearts one, $3 in the Dollar Deals); a small necklace (the Cat & Jack locket pictured was $4.99 in the children’s department) or bow ($1 from Dollar Deals) or earrings (Cat & Jack has sets for $4.99). Or grab this adorable Cat & Jack glitter heart purse ($9.99 in children’s department) for your little and take her out for an ice cream or movie date together.

Whatever you decide to do with your Heart Day I hope it’s full of cuddles and kisses and lots and lots of love.




PS Pictured but not mentioned: the gorgeous fuzzy background in all these pictures is a blush pink 50″x60″ faux fur throw by Project 62 also from Target and found in the Home Department for $34.99.

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