Gallery Wall Obsessed (Part 1)

If you’ve been following me for a while you have probably figured out I really love home decor and I’m also pretty into gallery walls. I have a few gallery walls throughout our home, but I have been working on my living room wall for the past month or so (well, longer if you count how long I’ve been gathering pieces to put on it! 🙈).

Unlike the other walls in my house I wanted this wall to be the most personal and to feature more photos of our family as opposed to just pieces I love since it’s very prominent- right behind our sofa in the room we probably spend the most time in.
Needless to say, adding in personal photos makes making choices on this wall entirely more challenging. I’ve ordered photos at least 4 times, sometimes ordering multiple sizes and crops of the same image to achieve exactly what I want.

I also can’t begin to tell you how many craft store and home goods type store trips I’ve made to find the right frames for pieces. Eek!

I’m still perfecting the wall so I’m not ready to share the whole thing yet today but wanted to zoom in on a few of my fave pieces.

If you’ve followed me a while you know I’m very inspired by Lilly Pulitzer prints, stores, and especially their dressing rooms. 

Lilly dressing rooms often have a mint door with a gold L on the front. My house already has mostly mint walls. Last year I had several statement walls and a few rooms painted entirely in a gorgeous mint color which I found by taking my favorite Starbucks tumbler into Lowes and matching it to paint samples.

Ultimately I went with Valspar Ocean Whisper with accents here in there in Valspar’s Lucky You.

When modeling my walk in closet (which I’ll do a full post on soon!) after Lilly dressing rooms and also the gallery wall in the stairwell of the Lilly Pulitzer Madison Avenue store (which I got to visit in NYC in 2015h I knew I had to find a similar letter S for the gallery wall in my closet. I lucked out and found the perfect serif letter at Hobby Lobby. 

This M is the same style from Hobby Lobby and was originally black. A few coats of Krylon Metallic Gold later it’s exactly what I envisioned and I think it’s the perfect statement piece to pop against my mint wall and stand out against my other pieces.

On the bottom in a basic 4×4 frame from Homegoods is a card by @perlaannepress. I discovered Stacey of Perla Anne Press at the Charleston Farmers Market when we lived there and went to the farmers market downtown every weekend. I have such fond memories of picking up bunches of basil at the organic stand a few stands down from Perla Anne and listening to live music under the trees. When we lived in Charleston we were at the farmers market practically every week, kid in tow to soak in the beignets, the local artists, the friendly, home town feel.

All of Perla Anne Press pieces encompass that small business, home town feel but with an air of a certain je ne sais quoi. Each piece is hand printed by Stacey using blocks of wood or linoleum that she hand carved. Every one varies slightly due to the ink impressions. I love each piece’s bold image or lettering and also really appreciate the variations that make each piece unique. 

I remember a few months before Story was born how excited I was to finally buy a piece I’d been eying weekly by Perla Anne Press to hang on Story’s gallery wall in her nursery and was thrilled to come back months later to tell Stacey how much we still loved it.

Since that first piece, a vintage camera, I’ve bought several more, another favorite being a quote by Laura Ingalls Wilder, “Home is the nicest word there is.” 

With this piece on my living room gallery wall, I’d heard this quote recently on Gretchen Rubin’s Happier podcast in an episode about wedding quotes. I fell in love with the simplicity of this quote, especially with how it relates to life as a military spouse. “We we’re together. I forget the rest.” 

Our houses change. Our home ports change. Our lives grow and change, as do we. But as long as we’re together that’s home, and nothing else really matters.

Perla Anne Press is on Instagram at and Etsy at She can also be found at the Charleston Farmers Market in Marion Square on Saturdays and in the Charleston City Market other times. She also just added an adorable children’s board book to her shop that I’m dying to get my hands on. Check her out!

Gallery wall hack: I’m a really big fan in general of using cards as artwork. It can be tricky sometimes to find the right sized frame as sometimes they can be awkwardly sized, but overall they’re an easy, inexpensive way to decorate a wall with smaller, unique pieces, leaving more room for larger photos, statement pieces, and artwork. And worse comes to worse, you can always use a matte to help make the card fit into a frame.

On the top is a needlepoint by my dear friend Abi. I’ve been wanting a needlepoint of our family for a long time (my friend Lauren has such a cute one and we are totally on the same wavelength so I was jelly of hers). My friend Abi whom I knew from my book club in Charleston and who I text weekly about new podcasts and YA lit is an incredibly talented needlepoint artist and recently started her own small business creating them. 

She custom made this for me, complete with me in a Lilly dress (duh), and I am in love. Her eye and attention to detail is so on point, even adding more color to our cat Abby to give her more texture than just solid black (because she’s really more calico). 

I just love this piece so much! It’s so me in that I love needlepoint pieces and pieces that are unique- but it’s still very personal to me and my family. Not just that it’s of my family, but it was from someone I care about so I think of my friend Abi and our book club times and podcasts chats whenever I see this piece.

I paired this needlepoint with a hot pink embroidery hoop from a craft store.

If you would like a custom piece of your own Abi has an Instagram page ( and Etsy shop:

I can’t wait to share more about my new fave gallery wall with y’all soon. In the meanwhile I’m still hunting down two picture frames to finish it. 😆😜

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